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12 March 2013 @ 04:17 am
I've just been lounging around tumblr a lot more often. If I could figure out a way to link the two accounts, I totally would. But if anyone on here has a tumblr feel free to follow me and send me a message so I can follow you back: Although I haven't been posting here much, I do still check it and read some stories and posts every once in a while.

Just in case anyone cares, a real life update: I'm currently 1/3 finished with my graduate program. By December I will have a MA in International Relations. I've also got two student leadership positions and a graduate assistantship keeping me away from long posts on here. (Why yes, this is my excuse.)

Anyway, still here, still alive, and currently in love with the song/video below. It's country but you should so watch it anyway. It's Miranda Lambert at her best.

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27 December 2012 @ 12:07 am

(I've literally searched weeks trying to find this video online so now that I have, I'm posting it everywhere.)
29 July 2012 @ 11:56 pm
A few things do come up, but for me it always comes down to one thing: the loudest Christians are also the ones who are the most conservative and/or hateful. I didn't just use "and" because the two don't have to go together but when it's in the media, it often does. People attacking abortion clinics, pastors burning the holy books of other religions, and politicians supporting anti-gay groups are all conservatives who use The Bible as their reasoning for doing so. It's like, The Bible says these people's actions are wrong so whatever I do to stop it is right. And because these people are so loud no one seems to see the other classification of Christians: those who believe in God but also believe people should be able to live their lives how they wish as long as no one else is being harmed by it.

As a Christian liberal, I tend to have the same general belief system as this first group but my social beliefs differ drastically. And it used to make me think twice about describing myself as a Christian. Until I realize it wasn't Christianity I hated but the people who dared distort my religion for their own purposes. Because I realized that these people who claim to be lovers of Christ and practitioners of Christianity are missing the most important message in the Word: God is Love.

I still get angry every time someone in the public eye uses Christianity as a reason for their discriminatory actions because it pisses me off that someone would use my beliefs to further their messages of hate, and then claim to not see the consequences of people like themselves saying such things. When adults and people in authority say that gays shouldn't have rights, or Blacks are sub-human, or all Muslims are terrorists and can't be trusted, that shapes our children which shapes our country and our future. And to do so with the "power of God" behind it perverts a religion that was never meant to be used that way.

That's basically the end of my post about this but in case you were wondering where this came from... I'm back in Louisiana for a few days before I move into my apartment in NY, so I went to my church home this morning. The sermon and teachings were great, as always, until the pastor decided to bring up the comments made by the president of Chick-Fil-A this past weekend. And, of course, he ignored the second half of what the man said, only focusing on his comments about Chick-Fil-A's belief in "traditional marriage". And then he stated how they were going to support him and buy a lot of food from there this week to counteract the boycott LGBT groups are planning for Friday. To go even further, he also mentioned how gay couples were planning on going into the stores and kiss each other as if it was the most disgusting thing he'd ever heard!

Now, while I'm not surprised that these are his beliefs - this is Louisiana and he is Republican - I was both disappointed and furious that he would bring something like this up in church. Not everyone agrees with your political stance and I sure as hell don't want it in my sermon! I came for the Word of God, not the belief of man. Not to mention, half of the people in the church had probably never even heard the remarks Mr. Dan Cathy made and were just going to take whatever Pastor said as true because he's Pastor.

Granted, his father also brought up plenty of political topics when he was Pastor which also irritated me but I suppose I expected better because our new Paster is younger and because I really enjoy him as a preacher/teacher. However, now I'm not sure if I'll even be attending church there next week (my last week home) because I am just tired of the constant political comments, particularly about gays and gay rights. (They've mentioned Gaga's song Born This Way in a similar tone before.) I just feel like the Church should be more responsible about this. You can't teach that God is truth and light and love in the same sentence that you support a person who gives money to anti-gay rights groups. Because that is hate. And as a believer, I can tell the difference.
13 July 2012 @ 03:16 pm
My hair is red now.

IMG_0875 IMG_0881
When I got it done and it was styled like it is there, I'd look at myself in the mirror and think 'I'm the Girl on Fire. Fuck Katniss.' XD

On another unrelated note, I've caught up on Supernatural. Seven seasons in less than a month. And now I plan to go back and rewatch the episodes I really enjoyed (which is most of the first 5 seasons, and just about every episode with Castiel). I may have a problem...
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05 July 2012 @ 10:00 pm
So it's been about 3 weeks to a month since I've started watching Supernatural on Netflix. I just finished season 5, so 2 more to go before September. I just gotta say, though, at the end of season 4 I was fucking pissed. I was like, ready to throw my Macbook at my TV pissed. I couldn't even start season 5 right away because I was so angry at Sam so I had to go watch gag reels and interviews so I wouldn't be as upset with him. But eventually I did start back (like the next day) and finished season 5. And then, at the end of that season, I was too busy crying my eyes out to even move! Seriously, my whole life hurt. Still kinda does since it's only been about an hour since I finished. Season 6 I started immediately because I hoped it'd make me feel better. It did, slightly.

I'm sure I'll watch more of S6 tonight but I just wanted to let y'all know how much Supernatural hurts my life. And just thinking about how S5 was supposed to be the end...I flipped out. That would so not have been okay. Not at all.

Gonna go buy these blu-rays/dvds soon. It just hurts so good. (AKA these writers are evil.)
25 June 2012 @ 09:47 pm
First things first, I went to see Prometheus this weekend and it was so good! When I first saw the previews, I wasn't enthused. The story really wasn't an original one where sci fi is concerned. But then, I noticed who was in the movie, including Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender. You know, really good actors. So I decided to give it a chance. And, just in case I didn't like it, I'd planned to do a 2-for-1 to see Pixar's Brave (which was also cute, by the way).

But I actually really enjoyed it. The storyline was pretty basic science fiction, but the acting and the special effects were great! There were some twists that were damn good, too! I really enjoyed it all the up to the end, where it got a bit crazy. At the end, I just felt like the writers/directors couldn't help themselves and just threw up science fiction shit that wasn't really necessary. I kind of know why, now, but I don't want to say because it'd kind of be a spoiler. But still a really great movie rec'd for sci fi fans.

Secondly, why did none of you ever recommend I watch Supernatural? I know for a fact firefox1490 watches it and I assume more of you do, too, simply because it's huge in fanfiction. And it's been on for years and no one told me I'd like it! Well, now I'm watching it and I love it. I just finished season 2 today, plan to start season 3 tonight and continue my Supernatural marathoning for...until I catch up.

Do y'all know how hard it is to ignore fanfiction and youtube videos because you know they would spoil the other seasons? It is SO hard. I keep failing and getting upset with myself. Oh, also, being a new fan, I learned something surprised while watching one of these youtube videos: Sam/Jared is the one people fangirl over??? Is this true? I'm confused because Dean/Jensen is so much more attractive, imo. Someone please explain this to me!
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22 June 2012 @ 02:18 am

I don't really believe in settling down. That term implies that the current path I'm on is not valid. It's not always about living your life the way people have lived before you. - Jared Leto

One of the most popular questions I've been asked since even before my graduation has been a variation on the ever popular 'what are you going to do now?' A lot of people seem to want to know where I plan to settle down and live after I've completed (grad) school and enter the workforce. I don't know if this is because I went to undergrad in DC and am going to grad school in NY despite my family being in Louisiana, or if this is just another general question people ask recent graduates.

Usually people assume I either plan to stay in DC or return to Louisiana. And inevitably, they are surprised/confused when I vehemently deny any home-going and shy away from a definite about DC. 

The truth is, I don't really want to settle down anywhere. There is no part of me that has any special affinity for living in one place (except perhaps Japan, but even that would probably be different as a resident). I will say I've enjoyed living in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) area for the past 4 years and wouldn't mind working here, but about every 6 weeks, I'm ready to go visit some other place for awhile. Sometimes a one-day trip or a concert is enough; sometimes it's not. I just get extremely bored staying in one place for too long doing the same old day-to-day things. I don't think I'm made for settling down or for suburbia.

My most recent conversation was with a family member who asked me this question. My reply to her was that I don't really want to live anywhere. I suppose if I have to have a 'place to call home', I wouldn't mind an apartment in the DMV or something, but I wouldn't want to be there for a home length of time. I would much prefer to be constantly on the move and just visit "home" every once in a while.

Maybe I'm just a gypsy at heart.

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13 June 2012 @ 06:53 pm
As is obvious by the title, I started reading the Fifty Shades trilogy since it's been getting so much attention lately. I recently finished the first but even before I did, I started reading some reviews of it on Goodreads. It seems like everyone who reads this book/series falls into one of two camps. The first camp are those who love the book and think it's amazing, likely (imo) because of all the sex. The sex scenes in 50 Shades of Grey are very detailed, which I guess many books don't have, unless you get a straight-out erotica novel. And those, unless you're Zane, don't get you on the besteller's list. The second group seems to be people who are like, 'What? This is shitty fanfiction getting published. What bullshit!'. This group annoys me more than the first mostly because this group is filled with people who write fanfiction. If you write fanfic and you don't like the novel, fine, but why crap on it just because it was fanfiction? I think we should be happy whenever a fellow fanfic writer gets published; maybe there's hope for the many others who want to, as well. 

There are some people who fall into third category who didn't like the book because it was erotica and they don't like erotica. My question to them is, why the hell did you pick up the book in the first place?

Me, personally, I thought the book was okay (a fourth category?). I actually do like Christian Grey because he's an interesting character. He has just the right amount of mystery to make me want to know more about him. From the way he's written, I wouldn't do him (which it seems most people in the first category would) but it was cute and often embarrassing to read about him from Ana's point of view, because she does want to do him.

...Or at least it was interesting until about 200 pages in. By that point, I feel like the novel just got bogged down with a lot of unnecessary sex scenes and too little development. I think James made a mistake that a lot of mediocre fanfic writers do: she dropped too many threads of plot and forgot to pick them back up. 

One is the contract, which despite being brought up numerous times, was never signed before Grey began BDSM - or at least non-vanilla - sex with Ana. Another is the thing about him not liking his chest touched and the marks he has there. Even when Grey offers to answer the question after a trade, we don't get a straight answer, so it just drags on.

This also has the effect of hinging the cliffhanger on the Christian/Ana relationship, which, if I don't care about them (which I kind of don't), won't make me read the second book. It does seem to have worked just fine for James, though.

Overall, I think I just read this book like a fanfiction instead of an actual novel. You know how you'll read some fics and you'll think, Wow this author should be a published writer!, and others you're just like, Well that was a good fanfiction. The difference lies in character development and plot and the way the story flows. James's Fifty Shades just doesn't quite cross that line for me.

Basically, a 2 out of 5.
25 May 2012 @ 01:19 am
Can someone explain to me what this new Steampunk movement is all about? I remember hearing about it a few years ago back when it just started to gain traction, but when I went to Louisianime last weekend, there were SO MANY steampunk folks. And they looked awesome! And I'm thinking about maybe getting some steampunk gear to wear to Otakon this year - because the fashion is definitely something I can get with - but I don't want to just wear something and not really understand the history or whatever behind it.

I did WIki it and got the stuff about it being from novels set in Victorian time and some examples of it, but what I'm interested in is where this new uprising came from. Anyone know?
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21 May 2012 @ 04:40 pm
Thanks for the congrats and everything guys! I really appreciate it. Graduation was fun, although really hot, but you can only be glad once it's complete, you know? I've got a few pictures that I took as part of my senior portfolio that I'll post here a bit later. (They're already on my facebook, if you have access.)

But I want to post this video here that I just saw recently on tumblr. It's about the Brown Eye-Blue Eye Experiment created by the teacher Ms. Jane Elliot back in the 60s to simulate discrimination. It's really gripping, and I completely agree that all schools should do something like this with their students. But maybe middle school. Elementary (the experiment was first done with 3rd graders) seems too young.

This video is high schoolers, I believe:

This one is the original documentary as well as a bit more as done by PBS. It shows the original experiment with 3rd graders as well as an adapted one done with adults. It's a longer vid, so HERE IS THE LINK.
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